Wednesday, March 11, 2009

David Goldblatt

The photographer, David Goldblatt was born in 1930 in Randfontein, South Africa. He started photographing as a boy to assist him with his hobby of building model boats, and later took pictures for his school magazine.
At that time, he was exposed to such magazines as Life, Look, and Picture Post, which had an influence on the kinds of subject matter and social issues that he wanted to document.
But photography careers during the 40's were limited to studio portrait and commercial work, neither of which interested Goldblatt. Subsequently, he had a difficult time finding the right venues for his work. He assisted a wedding photographer at one point, and also worked for his family's business until his father's death in 1962. After selling the business, he started on a more serious quest towards becoming a photographer. (Godby 9)

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